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Crest View International Limited - Our Global Insights

Analysis is an essential part of Crest View International Limited, we do not invest your capital without closely monitoring the financial products that we use. Get in touch with a representative to find out more today.

At Crest View International, we base our research around information which has been gathered from reputable sources. We ensure all clientele are well informed about substantial economic events which may influence investments.

We have an in-house dedicated research office with a talented team of analysts and researchers that operate with the most reliable sources which have direct connections within relevant entities. Our data is not just compiled from media services, we use our expertise to interpret it personally to our clients.

Multiple complex strategies are used by our team covering; reports, charts, statistics, algorithms, indicators, trends, fundamental data correlation, data comparison and more.


Crest View International Limited - Macro

Analyzing the situation within the global markets and making predictions based on our algorithms. Using economic indicators we focus on the following:

  • Interest Rates
  • Consumer Prices Index
  • Purchasing Managers Index
  • Non-farm Payrolls (US)
  • Imports and Exports
  • Sovereign Debt 
  • Consumer Sentiment


Crest View International Limited - Micro
Targeting specific assets, this is where our analysts monitor stocks, bonds, commodities or currency pairs. Here we consider the Microeconomic view, but the final decision is based on the following resources:

  • Company Statements
  • Product Sales
  • Profits & Revenue
  • Business Expansions
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Supply & Demand