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Assisting Corporate &
Institutional Companies

Corporate Clients - Crest View International Limited

Crest View International Limited corporate services are designed for businesses and companies that are looking to improve their financial state and benefit from our professional support.

You will receive strategic advice from Crest View International’s team of experts in addition to a vast amount of opportunities such as share repurchase programs, investment banking solutions, cash management execution, employee stock-option programs and more.

Our dedicated team implements proven methods which help your company or business keep employees satisfied about their positions while staying in control of your financial resources. We are very responsible when it comes to managing foreign capital. Currently, we manage funds from various companies, government bodies, foundations and endowments, agencies and private institutions.

Generally, our assistance will relate to one of the following aspects: Workplace pension, Employee products, Corporate Investment, Corporate retirement plans, Corporate cash management, Corporate share repurchases and Employee stock-option plans.

Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

Crest View International Limited - Initial Public Offerings

Crest View International has supported many companies with initial public offerings (IPOs) to reach stock exchanges. It requires an in-depth analysis and efficient coordination during the process. 

You will be guided through all the steps, from beginning with the filings in accordance with regulators requirements to the arrangement of your campaign. We deliver successful campaigns which increase awareness and support demand for your services or products. 

We have amassed a large list of companies that have been assisted by our team in their IPO procedures. Our efficient methods help your company achieve the appropriate reporting criteria and corporate governance.

Further information regarding our IPO Services can be found here.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Crest View International Limited - Mergers & Acquisition
Mergers and Acquisitions have generally shaped whole industries throughout the stock market history. They give you a chance to establish yourself and consolidate a market sector. 
Although M&As always seem to be beneficial for both parties, there are many deals which end up with conflicts due to errors within management. Crest View International ensures that our corporate clients will be guided through a smooth conduction of an M&A. 
We enhance the benefits for all parties involved while in accordance with the rules and regulations.