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Crest View International Limited - Capabilities

Crest View International Limited deals with an extensive and complex range of clients, all with different goals and expectations. 

We are fully aware of the diversity and adapt to each of our clients’ needs in a professional manner. Using our skills and expertise, we work to grow your capital and reach your financial goals. You can work with our talented wealth management team, your Account Manager, innovative platforms, and many extra tools to enhance your portfolio.

We understand that some clients are already professional traders, whereas others are not aware of the principles within the financial markets. Therefore, we offer three account types which differ in concept and complexity to suit our clients experience and needs. The following three account types are as followed:

  • Advisory Account
  • Discretionary Account
  • Execution Only Account

None of these accounts are more premium than another, they are simply produced to fit the needs of our different client profiles.

If you need help deciding which account is for you, we will be happy to advise you after gathering details of your skills and experience.

For example, if you were new to the financial markets with no experience, we would most likely advise against the Execution Only Account for you. This is because it would be difficult to handle by yourself with limited skills and experience within the field.

Additionally, if you are a professional trader, we would more than likely recommend skipping the Advisory Account as much of the advice offered would be information you have previously acquired.